Sparking your creativity

Sometimes I find myself with a creative block feeling a bit stuck for ideas. Routine and habit can squash and stifle creativity, which is what we have all been experiencing in recent months. When we are stifled our minds are not challenged. To break my routine, I do things I have never done before. Take a bike ride with your camera and stop to take pictures of the world around you. Take a walk to somewhere new you have not been before and create some spontaneous sketches. Read a book you would not normally read.

I keep a small ideas book to capture a thought an idea or emotion, Ideas often come to you in unexpected places, on your way to work, in the shower or in your dreams , keep a book to write them all down in before they are forgotten. I hope these ideas are helpful to you to spark your creativity.

There are some inspiring examples of creative sketchbooks on Pinterest to help you get started with your own.

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