Daily Discoveries

I needed to go outside today I felt it calling to me. Spare penny is a beautiful walk where I live in the Kent Countryside, straight out of my front door, through Eynsford Village and onwards. While walking I came across a wonderful object of loving memory. A beautiful cast iron wall plaque With “Harrys… Continue reading Daily Discoveries

Sparking your creativity

Sometimes I find myself with a creative block feeling a bit stuck for ideas. Routine and habit can squash and stifle creativity, which is what we have all been experiencing in recent months. When we are stifled our minds are not challenged. To break my routine, I do things I have never done before. Take… Continue reading Sparking your creativity

Being in the moment

Being in the moment is key to creativity. When I am creating my textile art I often practice “Creative Mindfulness” Appreciating the joy of being in that moment, concentrating on the beauty of the object you are working with, the colours the textures the patterns , just be present in the activity, let all your… Continue reading Being in the moment